Following the closing date for applications, a strategic assessment will be undertaken. The assessment will utilise the scoring criteria noted below.

The section below provides a summary of the application questions across the three sections. In addition, is shows the individual weighted scoring.

No response is provided to the question. 0
Response provided but not acceptable, not relevant or contains minimal information or, where relevant to the nature of the question, unacceptable or minimal expertise. 20
Response fails to satisfactorily answer the entire remit of the question or, where relevant to the nature of the question provides limited relevant information or limited expertise. 40
Response answers the remit of the question and contains satisfactory information or, where relevant to the nature of the question satisfactory expertise but could be enhanced in multiple aspects. 60
Response satisfactorily answers the question and contains good information or, where relevant to the nature of the question, good expertise but could be enhanced in one aspect. 80
Fully detailed response and contains excellent information or, where relevant to the nature of the question excellent expertise answering the entire remit of the question. 100



 Part 1: Tell us about the project (Strategic case)% of Overall Score
1.1What is the scope of the project and what is it intended to achieve?5%
1.2What is the problem / the need / the opportunity that will be met by the Project, within the sector and region? Including how the Project will address the root cause rather than the symptoms / or capture the opportunity? 7%
1.3Provide evidence that the proposed project will meet this need? 3%
1.4How will the project promote innovation, improve productivity, stimulate business growth and create high quality, well paid jobs? In addition, please specify how this project will provide opportunities for residents in some of our most deprived communities?5%
1.5Describe how the project will fit with the strategic objectives of the GCR Investment Zone?3%
1.6Describe the alignment of the project to the aspirations of the Regional Economic Strategy , Scottish Government NSET and UK Government Levelling-Up Strategy?3%
1.7What interventions, including Tax Sites and NDR retention (taken from the IZ Technical Document) will your project utilise? 0%
1.8How will the intervention identified in Q1.7 specifically address the problem / opportunity identified?  7%
1.9Has a 'research institution' been involved in the development of the project proposal? If so, describe how (e.g. shape the project, provide match-funding). If no, how do you intend to engage with a research institution to support this project? Pass/Fail


Economic & Commercial

 Part 2: What the project will deliver (Economic / Commercial Case)% of Overall Score
2.1Provide an indicative SMART (Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, Time-related) summary of the expected outputs and outcomes (Including Target groups etc)5%
2.2Additionality - what will the IZ public sector investment help you achieve (quicker, higher quality, bigger or not deliver at all)?  8%
2.3Counterfactual - what would the consequence be to your project of not having IZ status (investment)? 3%
2.4Displacement - how will this project impact on other businesses operating in this sector (Local, regional, national, international): 5%
 ·       customers;
 ·       supply chain partners;
 ·       competitors
 ·       workforce
2.5How will this project impact positively on your supply chain partners (support sectoral growth)? 7%
2.6Provide details of the new markets this project will enable your organisation to enter, new customers, developing new systems and processes and design innovation? 5%


Financial & Management

 Part 3: How you will deliver the project (Financial / Management Case) % of Overall Score
3.1What is the match-funding commitment to the Project? Provide details of all funders and their contributions, including status / confidence level. (Note; Technical Guidance of 60% match required)8%
3.2Provide an indicative project schedule, including key activites and spend profile. 7%
3.3Clearly describe the existing or planned management (operational) structures for the project / partnership. 3%
3.4Clearly describe the existing or planned decision-making (strategic / governance) structures for the project / partnership3%
3.5What risks have been identified to ensure successful delivery of the project, including how Subsidy Control will be addressed? And how will these be managed?5%
3.6What dependencies have been identified to ensure successful delivery of the project? And how will these be managed? 5%
3.7How will your project be self-sustaining after the 10-year GCR IZ programme concludes i.e. the exit strategy for public sector funding? 3%